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We are Wired Beauty

A new data-driven market research company dedicated to the Beauty industry.
We provide detailed reports on statistically viable samples thanks to our all-in-one digital solution.

Wired Beauty is a start-up founded by Stanislas and Sophie, who met at l’Oréal in 2005. After having launched Mapo Solaire, a first B2C sun care solution, we pivoted in 2021 to a B2B Saas company harvesting the same electrochemistry technology and research on exposome.

wired beauty

We have bet on the blue ocean of digitally enabled market research and on the growing demand of consumers for transparency while peer-to-peer recommendation and non-scientific influencers have begun to taint the credibility of cosmetic brands. Clinical tests on 30/40 people are simply not good enough anymore.

Our data-driven research solution helps brands discover of new frontiers and claims and regain trustworthy relationships with consumers, but also win precious time on product development.

Wired Beauty is a three-sided FrenchTech team combining the scientific skin expertise of a renowned dermatologist Mrs Tu-Ahn DUONG of the Henri Mondor Hospital in Paris. APHP, the electro chemistry knowledge of a renowned French CRO Qima and cosmetic expertise of the founders.

The team.

le Tanneur

Co-founder of Wired Beauty


Co-founder of Wired Beauty


Dermatologist, APHP
Hôpital Henri Mondor


Trainee at APHP as a Data Scientist for Wired beauty


Scientific Director of
QIMA Life Sciences


Scientific Director of QIMA Life
Sensor development


Intern for
Wired Beauty


Intern for
Wired Beauty

Our beliefs.

  • Data science can help cosmetic scientists
  • IoT can save R&D money and speed-up product launch tempo
  • Objective performance can be measured at the same time as consumer preference
  • Repeatability of protocols increases reliability of results

Our expertise.

  • Scientific knowledge of exposome and skincare
  • Data science and statistics
  • AI and signal interpretation
  • Digitally enabled clinical trials and consumer blind tests

Value and spirit.

Since the beginning, Wired Beauty has had 1 mission : bring evidence-based results to their clients rather than administer classical surveys. Hence the digitally enabled solutions.
We have a strong entrepreneurial culture and constantly innovate to find new claims , data, new proofs and reduce the R&D cost and tempo. We aim to have a real impact on how consumers see brand performance.
To help our clients, we establish new norms of excellence in cosmetic research.


We focus on result with professionalism and constantly respect ethical codes.

We listen, we deliver. We help our clients succeed. 

Tech and consumer


We use technology to better understand consumer needs and lifestyle as well as skin reactions.

We tailor our research to client objectives. In tubo, in vitro, in vivo. We make it simple and save people time.




We team up with labs, and their CROs all over the worlds from the concept development or for improved formulae. It feels different to work with us because our people are unlike any other.

We bring perspectives: mutual trust and speed.


Integrity and openess

We say things as they are and research new frontiers open-mindedly.




Corporate reponsability.

  • We respect the data regulations issued by the European Union and even top their tight regulations about consent or right to be forgotten.
  • Our data is anonymized locally and analyzed and stored in our data centers in Europe.
  • We believe in people development and encourage diversity of opinions.
  • We produce our devices from recycled materials and since the development have reduced the size of our IOT device by 40% , thus impacting transport and packaging costs.
  • We believe and are committed for climate change and compensate our carbon emission sustaining our friends Mathieu in his venture for a regenerative and low carbon agriculture in France. Learn more about Terra Terra.

Corporate reponsability.

WIRED BEAUTY is a French beauty-tech market research company which invested 1,3M€ to develop a non invasive, portable lab connected device to deliver lab grade and real time measurements of skin markers to dermocosmetic lab as well as a smart app in order to also harvest consumer perception.

Pierre François
Le Louët

(NellyRodi President
Trends Research)


(Former Head of L’Oréal
Product Development)

le Tanneur

Co-Founder of Wired Beauty


Co-founder of Wired Beauty


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