New all-in-one solution

Nomadic labgrade IOT device & smart app

Wired Beauty is…

New !

Hybrid studies combining objective clinical results measurements & consumer perception.

Different !

Proprietary IOT and Algorithm allowing deciphering within minutes combined with a consumer app harvesting consumer opinions.

Better !

Real World Evidence (link with pollution, UV and lifestyle) of skincare efficiency on large statistical basis (ex 1000 testers).

Our insanely fast algorithm.

Thanks to its IOT, its mobile consumer app and its standardized single-use patches, Wired Beauty can decipher within seconds skin antioxydative and moisturizing reactions. Artificial intelligence improves repeatability of process.


Single-use peel-off patches


Portable lab device Lab-grade testing


Smartphone App x feedback and lifestyle data


European data center

Smart data x skincare.

We measure :

  1. targeted markers such as Ascorbic acid, Alpha Tocopherol and squalen/sebum.
  2. non-targeted measurements of the barrier function or the antioxydative capacity of the skin.

Our scientific partners (APHP and CRO QIMA) have established that our measurement of TEWL is statistically correlated to that of chromatography which is the reference methodology as opposed to corneometry. Our technology is complementary to imagery.

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