TRUST PILOT – Best app for skin care research.

New ! Different ! Better ways to research skincare

Hybrid clinical trials and consumer studies with connected IOT and app

Consumer app & Insanely fast algorithm

Wired Beauty works for labs and marketing teams, because we combine in ONE digital solution, clinical trials & consumer use-tests

  1. DISCOVER new competitive advantages on large skin type cohorts
  2. PROVE claims through large data intelligence
  3. TRULY UNDERSTAND skin reactions in absence of product
  4. COMPARE performance on a long-term basis (cohorts follow-up)
  5. UNDERSTAND exposome and skin
  6. SAVE TIME vs chromatography and IMPROVE results vs TWEL
  7. READ SIMULTANEOUSLY skin response & consumer feed-back

Wired Beauty presents a full global digital solution.

Recovering data has never been easier ! Order available data or order the data you need.



is the time you can save on new product developments



is the size of faisable cohorts by Wired Beauty



is the processing time for our algorithm

Wired Beauty is a new B2B data-driven market research company dedicated to cosmetic laboratories.

BeautyTech meets skincare.

We research skincare : we help our clients evaluate and develop skincare formulae by comparing cosmetics on statistically viable samples of men & women (1000 people), combining efforts with countries usual CRO’s !
In all countries, even in China where anonymized data is key !

  1. Skincare performance after 1 day – 8 days – 15 days – X days
  2. Environmental conditions (UV, pollution) surrounding the consumer’s lifestyle
  3. Consumer feedback after product use
  4. The antioxydative and moisterizing effect of formulae (in vivo)
  5. The antioxydative and moisterizing effect of ingredients (in vitro)
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Discover how our consumer test works.

We rely on data & technology.

patch icone

Proprietary nomadic lab device & patented skin patches to decipher skin reactions and ingredient presence

icone traduction

Easy multi-lingual smartphone app and customer feedback

patch icone

Saas and European data center

icone groupe

Large cohorts if needed

icone localisation

Geolocalisation and exposome data (UV – pollution – temperature)

icone boucle

Repeatability of protocols in real life conditions (ie bathrooms)