About us

Sophie le Tanneur

CEO of Wired Beauty

  • An FMCG corporate life of over 20 years at Colgate-Palmolive & L’Oréal in marketing and general management positions in Europe.
  • An entrepreneurial life with turn-arounds of a luxury brands backed by Private equity funds for followed by 7 years of consulting @Lucinda which she founded.
  • A passion for entrepreneurship as an impact investor and mentor


You co founded wired beauty, how do you split responsabilities ?

Stanislas and I know each other well as we each spent over 15 years at L’Oréal in marketing development and general management positions. We are strong because we are different ! We definitely share vision and created together this new fact-based hybrid way to do clinical trials and consumer studies thanks to technology. In our day-to-day practice, we share the same office and exchange all the time our vital decision : client approach, image, scientific studies and partnerships. I, as the CEO, take care of the convenient application and relationships with investors. Stanislas, as the President, is responsible of the scientific approach of the lab device.

Why should wired beauty work ?

We work hard and hope to win the trust of labs and cosmetic brands! But we are convinced that betting that consumer will NOT carry on believing claims based on 40 people. Working closely with R&D colleagues, I see that in this market speed is of the essence: we aim to reduce the R&D cost and tempo. Our Data-driven research solution helps brands discover of new frontiers and claims and regain trustworthy relationships with consumers, but also win precious time on product development.

What is your ambition?

We want to redefine the standard of skincare tests, helping labs and marketing teams reduce the development leadtimes and base their claims on repeatable fact-based protocols. My motivations lie in the impact that this can have for the industry : working quicker, stopping at an early stage less efficient formulae, accumulating data to better understand how the skin naturally defends itself to aggression, combining this intelligence with life style data. We want to build a smart, enthousiastic, sustainable consulting firm that can save money and time to their clients. We want to be the best partner of skincare firms.