Welcome To Wired In

Welcome to Wired In

Hello everyone and welcome to the blog for Wired Beauty Technologies!

We will kick off the blog by briefly introducing Wired Beauty and how we are working to develop products to help your skin care routine! Wired Beauty is a beauty technology company working to develop revolutionary skincare devices to personalize your routine. We have decided to start a blog to deliver information about what we are working on at Wired Beauty, and the beauty industry, including skin care tips and tricks, and technological advancement!

Future blog posts will include topics such as tricks for reducing your sun exposure, measuring your Vitamin C levels, and how where you live affects your skin. We will also keep you updated on all things beauty tech and how we are developing within this growing industry.

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Skin care is booming right now!! People are spending more money on products, adding step after step to their skin care routine and investing time and money in “self-care”. We love skin care and love developing new ways to disrupt the industry and bring you all even more perfect skin!

Wired Beauty was created because most people, women, and men, don’t know what their skin needs. To find out more information about your skin, we are stuck with the problem of going to the dermatologist. Many of us, are in a routine of trying product after product with little to no hope of improvement.

Consumers constantly have products pushed to them by brands and influencers depending on current trends. We are in a world of being told what our skin needs based on existing products, rather than tailoring products to specific and personal skin issues.

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At Wired Beauty, we believe consumers need a device that can regularly provide them with valuable information about their skin in real-time to adapt their skincare routine.

We began this journey by introducing our current product MAPO® Solaire, which provides reliable measures of your sun exposure to adapt your time in the sun and apply sunscreen at all the right times. We are currently working on our next product which will provide you with various different skincare measures. This will allow you to know exactly what is wrong with your skin, and how you can improve it each day.


We are working to solve this problem in the skincare industry through our connected devices that provide reliable scientific data. These devices are based on those from dermatologists labs and adapted for bathroom use to create a personal skincare solution and routine. We have partnered with dermatologists to consistently provide reliable and scientifically supported skincare data.

Our mission is different from your typical skincare company because rather than pushing various products for an extensive skincare routine, we provide scientific and independent data. This information is provided through using one of our connected devices and our app, La Clinique Digitale®. The data obtained can be used to improve your routine and is not used to push a specific product, but can be shared with brands consumers trust. We then integrate these measures into a full lifestyle routine, including sun exposure, eating, drinking, and many other habits rather than merely a skincare routine.

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We are fully committed to helping consumers adapt their beauty routine and find, more personalized solutions allowing them to find the best-suited products for them.

Keep up with our blog for further information on Wired Beauty, the beauty industry, and all things skincare by subscribing to our blog below. Follow us on social media and check out our current product MAPO® Solaire to better improve your exposure to the sun!

This is a skincare revolution!

Thanks for reading!